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About us

Andrew Thompson's specialist expertise is in defending road traffic offences and related matters.

I understand that my clients not only demand the best legal advice but also require it to be given promptly in a user-friendly format. I use the very latest technology to prepare our cases and prefer to communicate by email wherever possible.

Motoring offences

If you have received a notice of intended prosecution, summons or fixed penalty for any motoring offence then you should contact me immediately for assistance.

I have experience defending all types of motoring offences. This includes very serious cases such as death by dangerous driving. I will do everything possible to protect your driving licence, avoid disqualification and penalty points.

I have strong links to a panel of independently vetted experts who are highly skilled in road signage regulations, laser technology and accident investigation. I will assist you to build a robust defence or prepare the best possible mitigation if all reasonable avenues of defence have been exhausted.

I offer free and fixed fee advice. Please call as I never charge for an initial chat. You have nothing to lose by calling 0113 3835314.

I have much lower overheads than larger firms and those savings are passed onto you.

What others say

'I just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know the results from today. Thanks to your structuring of my written arguments, the Magistrates have allowed me to drive again. I am absolutely delighted at the result and really think that I can now move forward again. I would like to thank you for your efforts as I certainly wouldn't be here without your help!'

'Excellent results with motoring offences. Andrew has provided me with consistently sound advice on many occasions and to be frank is responsible for ensuring that my clean driving licence is maintained. I trust his integrity implicitly.'

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